Never linger too long after a meal. Those who stay get stuck putting dishes way. Those who flee get to watch TV.

Always have something more important to do. For example: When you're asked to clean your room say you are doing your homework. when you are asked to do your homework say you are cleaning your room.

Say it's your younger brother or sister turn and that you did it last time. this simple trick often works as your parent can't remember thing like that and depend on you to know who's turn it is. WARNING: We don't recommend that you say it is the turn of your older (and stronger) brother or sister otherwise you may be sorry.

Fake an interest in reading. Your parents will be so excited about your new found interest that they'll leave you alone for weeks. If they start to get suspicious and ask you to do something, shout, "can't you see I'm trying to improve my mind". Then storm off to your room in a huff.

If you are reallly desperate to escape the house work consider joining an after school activity Recommended only as a last ditch effort.