In a stroke of genius a burglar from Tennessee put his socks over his hands to avoid leaving fingerprints at the scene of the crime. However, he was arrested when police identified him by his footprints.

Surprised while burgling a house in Belgium, a thief fled out the back door, clambered over a nine foot wall, dropped to the other side and found himself in ... the city prison.

A museum in County Durham, England took off display a rare Roman coin after a 9 year old visitor correctly identified it as a plastic token which has been given away in a promotion by a soft drinks company.

After a burglar had thrown a brick through a jewellery store window in London, police were surprised to find that nothing had been taken. In fact the would-be thief had left something behind, his nose. Apparently when throwing the brick he had made the mistake of standing to close to the window and a falling shard of glass had neatly sliced his nose off. Police caught him by checking local hospitals.

An American tourist in south America had the decidedly grave misfortune to be attacked by killer bees as he stood on the bank of the Amazon. Seeking refuge, he leaped into the river - and was devoured by piranha fish.

When an elderly lady's cat got stuck up a tree in London in 1978, a British Army unit gallantly came to aid her and rescue the animal. After receiving the woman's thanks and acknowledging the applause of onlookers, the soldiers climbed back into their truck and drove off - running over the cat as they went.

When his 38 caliber revolver failed to fire at its intended victim during a holdup in California, the robber James Elliot did something that makes the mind boggle. He peered down the barrel and tried the trigger again. Happily for most concerned, this time it worked.

During the Second World War a family from Germany were very short of food and they eagerly awaited the food parcels sent to them by relatives in America. In one of the parcels they found an odourless grey powder, which they took to be soup. They added a little Semolina to give it body and all they all agreed it was the best soup they'd ever tasted. The next day the family received a letter from their relatives in America saying they had included in the last parcel, a small can filled with the ashes of their late grandmother, whose dying wish it had been to have her remains buried in German soil.

Charged with driving the getaway vehicle after a murder in New York, Domingo Osario was released when it was brought to the attention of the police that he had no arms.

Two German motorists had a 'head on' collision in heavy fog. Each had been driving their car at a snails pace near the centre of the road with there heads out the side window, when they smacked together. Both men were taken to hospital with severe head injuries. Their cars weren't scratched.

When a New York policeman spotted a man perched high up on the Manhattan Bridge, he bravely risked his life to inch his way up the girders to try to talk the man into coming down. Arriving breathlessly at the top the policeman asked the other man what had driven him to climb up there. 'It's my job', the man snapped. He was an inspector for the department of Public works.

In 1957 a newspaper in California issued this weather report: Clear today except for some early fog, followed by smog, followed by evening fog.

In 1979 a Saudi Arabia newspaper issued this statement: We regret we are unable to give you the weather. We rely on weather reports from the airport, which is closed because of the weather. Whether we are able to give you the weather tomorrow depends on the weather.

In spite of warning shouts from onlookers a motorist in New Jersey, backed over a pedestrian he had just let out of the car. The motorist didn't hear the warning shouts because he was deaf. The pedestrian didn't see the car coming because he was blind.

A brilliant bank robber from Los Angeles told the bank clerk not to give him cash, but to deposit the money in his own account.

Another gun man was tracked down quite easily by the police after he robbed a motorist and then made the man drive him home.

After shooting and wounding his wife, Louis Pilar from France, told police that a three week strike by the television company was to blame. 'There was nothing to look at' he explained, 'and I was bored'. Fortunately his wife didn't seem to mind being shot at. From her hospital bed she said, 'I don't blame my husband. It really has been very boring in the evenings'.

A famous evangelist called Aimee McPherson, was buried with a telephone in her coffin so that she could contact the living world from beyond the grave. After seven years without making a call it was decided to disconnect the line.

A new Zealand cow was once sentenced to two days in jail for eating the grass in front of the city courthouse.

In 1975, David Phillips, a 77 year old man from Cardiff was fined 5 for 42 kiss-and-run incidents involving female traffic wardens.

Did you know: The average person spends almost 12 years of his or her life watching television.

The hottest new item for tourist in France is a postcard to send home to your friends ... that they can eat!. The cards come in six flavours and are ready to eat after 30 minutes in a microwave.

A bungling bank robber was arrested by police in Texas after he put on a ski mask and then patiently stood at the back of the queue! An alert customer noticed the man in the queue and hurried to the police station - which was right next door. The surprised crook was nabbed by the cops when he was just two from the front of the queue.

Police in Austria are searching for a cheeky chap who held up a bank completely naked. A police spokesman said that his disguise was absolutely perfect. The bank was full of female staff and customers but not one of them could describe the mans face.

Alert police in England arrested a man for public drunkenness because of his 'glazed expression'. He was released after he appeared in court and showed the judge he had a glass eye.

A man was fishing in the Amazon when his line got stuck in a tree. He began tugging the line to free it when the line hit a bees nest. The infuriated bees went for him. Despite swatting, running and jumping the bees still attacked. Desperate to get away, he leaped into the river where he was promptly eaten by the piranhas.

In 1976, a hijacker got up from his airline seat, took out a gun and told the captain, "take me to Detroit". "But sir we are already going to Detroit". "oh good, said the hijacker and sat back down again".