Tell your friends that you have read about a magic chant that gave the Siamese monks magic powers in ancient times.

Get your friend to kneel down and chant the words:


Get them to repeat it over and over again getting faster.

They'll be saying, "OH WHAT AN ASS I AM"

In order to join your secret club tell a friend that they have to kiss the mystical book 3 times while blindfolded. If they agree to join, blindfold them, let them kiss the book twice before you swap it for a plate of flower (which you just happen to have near by).

Blow up a balloon, don't tie it but keep tight hold of the end. Then carefully trap the end of the balloon between a door and a door frame. Hide and wait for an unsuspecting person to open the door. As they do the balloon will wiz off giving them a fright.

Tell your friends that you will perform an incredible feat. Line up three chairs together, eyeing them carefully to make sure that they are exactly right. Now while still eyeing up the chairs say: "I'll just take my shoes off before I jump over them" - which you proceed to do. That is, take your shoes off and jump over them (not the chairs).


Bet your friends that they can't answer four questions wrongly. First ask them three easy ones such as: "How old are you? What's your name? Where do you live?"

If they give three wrong answers, pause, look a bit puzzled and say " That's three questions I've asked, isn't it?"

Your friends should immediately say "Yes" and so they have answered the fourth question correctly and lose the bet.

Thread one end of a long piece of cotton through the front of your jacket or shirt so that just a few centimeters show. Let the other end hang in a loose ball, hidden inside your jacket.

Sooner or later some helpful person is bound to try and remove the thread and find out that it's much longer than you think.

Put some confetti inside someone's umbrella and then roll it up again. When your victim opens their umbrella they will think they are in a paper storm. (You can make your own confetti by tearing paper into very small pieces.)

Putting sugar in the salt shaker, and salt in the sugar container and then wait for the fun to happen at the next meal.

Tightly wrapping cellophane around the toilet seat. This prank can be very funny but it might make a bit of a mess ... Hope you won't have to clean it up!

Put a piece of clear tape on a telephone's hook switch. When the phone rings and someone lifts the receiver and answers, the telephone just keeps ringing.

Removing dresser drawers, then putting them back out of order. When they're next opened someone will get confused.

Stick a "pinch me" or "kick me" sign on someone's back.

Telephone a shop or company once it has closed for the day, tell them you are interested in their product or services asking them to call you back with prices and details. Leave the number of the nearest zoo and tell them to ask for a name like Mr P.N. Gwin or Mr. L.E. Font.

Telephone up someone who you know can take a joke but someone who won't recognize your voice. Say is "Mr. Wall there please", when they say no wrong number ask for "Mrs Wall", when they say no wrong number say, "are there any wall's there then". When they say no. Say, "well home does the roof stay up."

Try the same type of call again with the same person except ask for, "Mr Door, Mrs Door, any Door's". When they're screaming no say, "well it must be chilly in your house."

This is best used when getting even! Get someone's dresser or desk drawer and flip it upside down so that when they open it everything falls out.

Sew up the fly on a clean pair of underwear, make sure the victim drinks plenty of morning juice and coffee or tea, and wait. (This is especially effective if you know the victim uses large, public bathrooms, like the ones found in schools and office buildings.) The most challenging part: ensuring the victim selects the doctored pair in the morning.

Go in your victims packed lunch. Cut a hole in their apple corer and insert a gummy worm or any sweet that looks like a worm.

Leave your victim a convincing sounding message (either on paper or on an answering machine) from a certain "Mr. Lyon," who has called about an urgent matter and would like a return call as soon as possible. Mr. Lyon's number? The phone number for your local zoo.

Take a voice recorder and record the words "They're coming for you." Turn volume setting to whisper and press play as your friend sleeps. Hide some where and watch the fun.

Get a pair of old boots, put them on the floor in the toilet to make it look like someone is sitting on the toilet. Then lock the toilet door. Works best if there is only one toilet. Watch people repeatedly walk in and them come straight out again. Particularly works well after lunch or morning tea.

Take a really large pair of underwear old lady or man style and write a victim's name in them and leave them in the bathroom floor for every one to find.

Knock on the dorm door a couple times and run. Repeat a couple times. Tell your 'victim' that you can't seem to knock loud enough for the people to come out and have him knock on the door and stand there.

Test the sanity of your mum and dad by turning all the pictures and posters in your house upside down. Also turn everything in the fridge upside down.

When your teacher is out the room staple all the papers on his or her desk to their desk ... hope you don't get caught!

Do you know anyone who has a fish? Take the fish in a plastic bag (full of water) and leave a ransom note.

Put transparent tape over the read out of your victims calculator. It makes the numbers blurry.