Aug 1935 - May 2013

Hello, Just a little information about myself. my full name is Jane Elizabeth Storey, born  in Liverpool 1935. Now the reason I have such a interest in the sinking of the HMS Hampshire is that one of the sailors onboard was my uncle, Edward Tipping, uncle Teddy.

Teddy's body was never recovered from the sea. Although I never knew my uncle Teddy he was my mum's only brother and my mum would often talk about him, about how their parents had died and that they had been raised by nuns in an orphanage. 

In 1998 I finally managed to visit Orkney. I saw the naval museum which houses salvaged parts of the Hampshire, the Lyness Cemetery were so many of Teddy's shipmates are buried and I took the time to stand and look out to sea from near the Kitchener memorial, off Marwick Head, and see the final resting place my uncle Teddy.



Author: Jane Storey.